General Data Protection Regulation -

Data Security

All communication between your browser and our servers uses the HTTPS protocol that encrypts data before it travels over the network. In addition, passwords are not stored in clear in our database but are encrypted using the latest password security technologies. Finally, the communications between our different servers are done on a private network that is not accessible from outside.

Other third parties

Other third parties may also intervene on the platform as follows:

  • Share buttons (Facebook, Twitter, instagram etc ...) on most pages, which, when you are connected to these platforms and surf ChinaGads, will store personal information according to their own rules.
  • Google Analytics, to better know our audience, the information is however anonymous (IP anonymized).
  • As with most online communities, our moderators have restricted access to member data, such as the email address of the account, the date and time of the last IP address site connections, the history of moderated content, or deleted and moderation history. Moderators do not have access to private messaging.

Member Profile

The member form contains the information that you have filled in at registration / editing including the following information:

  • Email address
  • Username and password
  • Postcode/city/country
  • All other fields in the profile are optional and can be accessed directly on your member profile when you edit it.

Other items may also be related to your member profile:

  • All the contents that you have created with the profile, (works, blogs, articles, announcements etc ...), the contributions (comments, collections of favorites, messages on the forums etc ...). Most related content is also directly visible on your profile
  • Your votes on the contents (polls in the forums, + 1 / -1 on the messages of forums or the opinions users)
  • Des données facilitant votre utilisation du site (inscription newsletter, mailing-forums, notifications, derniers messages lus dans les forums, etc.)
  • Data facilitating your use of the site (newsletter subscription, mailing-forums, notifications, last messages read in the forums, etc.)
  • Your contacts with our hotline (message exchanges with the support)
  • Your "confidence rate" which is a vote of other members when you make transactions, or you receive a testimonial on your guestbook In addition, we keep data for consulting e-mails sent by our platform (newsletter and other e-mails). The goal is primarily statistical (know the opening rate of a newsletter for example), however for data integrity reasons, we keep the raw data, ie who opened what e-mail at what time, and what links were clicked.
  • In order to maintain harmony within the community, ChinaGads team including moderators have access to moderation tools to identify banned members who would try to return, especially the last use of each IP and cookie, as well as a moderation history.

Information regarding online dispute resolution pursuant to Art. 14 Para. 1 of the ODR (Online Dispute Resolution Regulation):

The European Commission gives consumers the opportunity to resolve online disputes pursuant to Art. 14 Para. 1 of the ODR on one of their platforms. The platform ( serves as a site where consumers can try to reach out-of-court settlements of disputes arising from online purchases and contracts for services.